Many people like playing HEAD-TAIL. After reading this artical you will find some tips that could help you to gain benefit during the game.

In the first place , look at the following picture(the history page of HEAD-TAIL).  As we know , we win as for choosing HEAD, it proves that the coin also shows HEAD, on the contrary, you lose if the coin shows TAIL.
Now I think you might have found some tips in the following picture, which is a cycle that I have marked out. The cycle is:When the coin shows TAIL, show of TAIL will follow at least twice.
The last show after HEAD is TAIL,  which means TAIL appears for the first time in this cycle, according to the rule we just found, the coin will show TAIL at least once. That is to say,  we should bet TAIL this time.

Let's test the rule we just found out. Click here to play in the game.
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I think I have a greater opportunity to earn by choosing TAIL, so I bet $16 on TAIL.

Click "Win 250%" to enter Liberty Reserve payment interface. Confirm and finish the payment.

Click "return to merchant" to go back to game and check the coin.As predicted, coin shows TAIL, and I win.

 Here, I only introduce to you how to find the rules in the game. The game rules are changing all the time. The history page displays a record of the latest game. And we should observe more history records to find the rules during different periods. Finding these rules ensure your great benefit in this game.

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Good Luck !

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